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Scented reading material [Aug. 13th, 2006|04:14 pm]
LJ Refresh


I accidentally left my xxxHolic manga in the same bag as my Disney soaps. Now I cant stop smelling my manga as I read it. It really does smell good.

This leads me to believe that more books should be scented. It would be a small market at first, of course, but think of the possibilities. Choose your own smell adventures. Cookbooks that not only show you the food, but let you smell the food. Books that not only inspire you to dream up olfactory imagery, but give it to you right there.

But then again, that power could be abused. I can just imagine some people I know having their nose stuck in a yaoi/fandomy book all day, and not in the way that that saying usually implies. Come on, you know it would happen.